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Evergreen Cover Release

February 3, 2012

Drum roll….. Tada! What do you think?

A kingdom on the brink of war.
A king on the fringes of insanity.
A family running for their lives.
Ash and Fin’s only desire is to be together anddive into their happily ever after, though their conflicting worlds work topull them apart. Neither is ready to convert to the other’s life: become ahuman or a mer. Little do they know that somewhere in Natatoria a secret holdsthe fine fabric of everyone’s lives together. If the truth is discovered, Ashand Fin will no longer have the luxury of waiting. They’ll be forced to choose.But will it be for loyalty or love? Or will someone else make the choice forthem if they can’t decide?
Enter the watery world of treachery, greed, and thebinding mer kiss as the story continues with Evergreen, book two of MerTales.

Coming June of 2012. I’m excited and… I have a lot of work to do!

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